‪SHOCK: Another ‪Mass ‪Shooting at ‪Club, But Look Why Media’s ‪‎Refusing to ‪‎Report It.

Jul 26, 2016



‪SHOCK: Another ‪Mass ‪Shooting at ‪Club, But Look Why Media’s ‪‎Refusing to ‪‎Report It.

‪SHOCK: Another ‪Mass ‪Shooting at ‪Club, But Look Why Media’s ‪‎Refusing to ‪‎Report It.

This was also reported by the NRA, but the media has refused to report on it. WHY? Because it is an example of what happens when an active shooter meets a legally armed citizen. This isn’t a HOT topic for the media; they want blood, carnage, and the mass murder of innocent “unarmed” people to report about. It makes for much more compelling news and fuels the outcry to disarm Americans. A story about a guy who pulled a gun at a club, started shooting, and ended up being shot by an armed civilian who saved the lives of many is not what liberals want Americans to see.

Do you think that the man who shot the active shooter and stopped what could have been another mass rampage will be invited to Obama’s White House and applauded for his heroics? Hell no… an American citizen legally armed thwarting an active shooter undermines what Obama and the ‘demoncrats’ want – Americans disarmed and the second amendment amended or abolished.


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