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‪SHOCK: Another ‪Mass ‪Shooting at ‪Club, But Look Why Media’s ‪‎Refusing to ‪‎Report It.

‪SHOCK: Another ‪Mass ‪Shooting at ‪Club, But Look Why Media’s ‪‎Refusing to ‪‎Report It.

This was also reported by the NRA, but the media has refused to report on it. WHY? Because it is an example of what happens when an active shooter meets a legally armed citizen. This isn’t a HOT topic for the media; they want blood, carnage, and the mass murder of innocent “unarmed” people to report about. It makes for much more compelling news and fuels the outcry to disarm Americans. A story about a guy who pulled a gun at a club, started shooting, and ended up being shot by an armed civilian who saved the lives of many is not what liberals want Americans to see.

Do you think that the man who shot the active shooter and stopped what could have been another mass rampage will be invited to Obama’s White House and applauded for his heroics? Hell no… an American citizen legally armed thwarting an active shooter undermines what Obama and the ‘demoncrats’ want – Americans disarmed and the second amendment amended or abolished.

Hello to all of my readers,

My newsletter is named the justice files for a reason, and I want to address it that way this week and for the next several issues as well. The events that have been unfolding over the course of the past week between the police killings of seemingly innocent black men and the cold-blooded ambush of 11 Dallas police officers by a well-trained black military veteran strike close to home for all of us. As an author, it is my goal to entertain but also to educate.

The Illusion of Safety

When the average person reads or watches the news, there is the thought that what is happening in another city, state, or country is over there … that viewers are safe where they are. The reality is quite the opposite. If there is one thing that the Iron Eagle Series is about it’s dealing with reality through fiction. Novel after novel (I am writing book eighteen in the series right now), I deal with real world subject matter. Yes, it is written as fiction, but anyone who has read the series up to its currently released title, “Rampage: Book Nine,” knows that the things that have happened in the first nine books have and do really happen every day. The series is meant to show all of us what it would be like to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and the horrific potential ramifications of the same.

The Realities of Life

The Eagle Series brings my readers into the savageness of humanity. It gives readers a chance to peek behind the curtain at things that are really happening in the world … from the safety of a novel.  The subject matter of the Eagle Series is as vast and varied as the stars in the sky – kidnapping, serial killers, domestic terrorism, pedophilia, rape, torture, prostitution, sexual slavery, drug trafficking, police corruption, cults, mass killings, cyber bullying, rampage killings, political corruption, and the devastating power that religion has over even the most rational person – and the list goes on.

As an author, I venture ever deeper into darker subject matter in each novel. There are moments where even I become worried and afraid. It might be fiction, but I do a tremendous amount of research while writing each novel so that I can make each one not just believable but also as close to a ‘True Crime’ novel as you can get without the books being nonfiction.

The Upside of Writing a Series of this Size and Scope

One of the things that I truly love about writing this series is the characters that I get to interact with and the inclusiveness of their relationships. ALL lifestyles are embraced in the Eagle Series – straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender – and all are respected and nurtured. There is an underlying love story between all of the main characters that grows stronger novel after novel as the series matures, and there is a natural maturation of characters and relationships that I feel is important to bring to the world.

The Eagle Series deals with heavy subject matter, but as the author, it is also my goal to interject humor as well as the positive side of humanity while at the same time giving my readers a reason to pause and think about what they just read.

If you are a true fan of the series and have read all the novels to date, then you know that all you have to do is read or watch the news and you see everything that happens in my fiction playing out in reality every day. For me, when I read a news story or turn on the news and see my fiction unfolding in reality, it is very, very unsettling, yet at the same time it inspires me to write novels that draw attention to our socioeconomic disparities as well as the deep divides in this country, from race relations to political and social situations that while not new, allow for a more openly narcissistic society with the advent of all forms of social media. I deal with this novel after novel in new and, I hope, unique ways that are both entertaining and thought provoking. I’m not a religious man, but I do keep those who are suffering in my thoughts and try to learn what I can as an outsider looking to write novels in the series that offer answers, not more questions.

Until next time,

Roy A. Teel Jr., Author

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California ‪Governor ‪‎Signs ‪‎Stringent ‪‎Gun ‪‎Bills, Vetoes Others

‎A recent article I came across on ABC: Read It Here

Now for my thoughts:

Jerry Brown is a recurrent nightmare for California. This idiot was governor of California after Reagan was elected president in 1981. He is a perfect example of the old saying, “He who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it.”

I do believe that Jerry Brown has some form of dementia. He’s old; he rarely makes sense, now he has just made California the most dangerous state in the U.S. for its law abiding citizens. San Bernardino is the murder capital of California followed by Oakland. Both cities also have the most corrupt police departments in the state.

These laws are not going to do anything but put law abiding citizens in even more danger.

Brown and his ‘demoncratic’ cohorts don’t get it. Criminals don’t obey laws. That’s why they are criminals. His ban, and demand that law abiding citizens give up their second amendment rights and surrender their ammunition clips, which hold more than ten rounds, to the state, is nuts. Why not pass a law that California is a “gun-free zone?” Then criminals and mass killers could just murder with impunity as ALL citizens would be ‘unarmed.’ Jerry Brown is either a complete moron or does have some form of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

No one is going to give up their weapons and ammunition clips. These laws will be overturned by the courts before they ever go into effect. If any of this were to go into effect, the only thing that Brown and the ‘demoncrats’ will have done is made this state more dangerous for law abiding citizens while strengthening the criminal element. Jerry Brown is the most dangerous governor in U.S. history. He and his ‘demoncrat’ bedfellows live in some make believe world where they think that laws like this will save lives. They won’t…they will only weaken an already weakened law abiding gun owners’ rights and leave law abiding citizens easy prey for criminals.

Until Next Time,

Roy A. Teel Jr.