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‪SHOCK: Another ‪Mass ‪Shooting at ‪Club, But Look Why Media’s ‪‎Refusing to ‪‎Report It.

‪SHOCK: Another ‪Mass ‪Shooting at ‪Club, But Look Why Media’s ‪‎Refusing to ‪‎Report It.

This was also reported by the NRA, but the media has refused to report on it. WHY? Because it is an example of what happens when an active shooter meets a legally armed citizen. This isn’t a HOT topic for the media; they want blood, carnage, and the mass murder of innocent “unarmed” people to report about. It makes for much more compelling news and fuels the outcry to disarm Americans. A story about a guy who pulled a gun at a club, started shooting, and ended up being shot by an armed civilian who saved the lives of many is not what liberals want Americans to see.

Do you think that the man who shot the active shooter and stopped what could have been another mass rampage will be invited to Obama’s White House and applauded for his heroics? Hell no… an American citizen legally armed thwarting an active shooter undermines what Obama and the ‘demoncrats’ want – Americans disarmed and the second amendment amended or abolished.

California ‪Governor ‪‎Signs ‪‎Stringent ‪‎Gun ‪‎Bills, Vetoes Others

‎A recent article I came across on ABC: Read It Here

Now for my thoughts:

Jerry Brown is a recurrent nightmare for California. This idiot was governor of California after Reagan was elected president in 1981. He is a perfect example of the old saying, “He who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it.”

I do believe that Jerry Brown has some form of dementia. He’s old; he rarely makes sense, now he has just made California the most dangerous state in the U.S. for its law abiding citizens. San Bernardino is the murder capital of California followed by Oakland. Both cities also have the most corrupt police departments in the state.

These laws are not going to do anything but put law abiding citizens in even more danger.

Brown and his ‘demoncratic’ cohorts don’t get it. Criminals don’t obey laws. That’s why they are criminals. His ban, and demand that law abiding citizens give up their second amendment rights and surrender their ammunition clips, which hold more than ten rounds, to the state, is nuts. Why not pass a law that California is a “gun-free zone?” Then criminals and mass killers could just murder with impunity as ALL citizens would be ‘unarmed.’ Jerry Brown is either a complete moron or does have some form of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

No one is going to give up their weapons and ammunition clips. These laws will be overturned by the courts before they ever go into effect. If any of this were to go into effect, the only thing that Brown and the ‘demoncrats’ will have done is made this state more dangerous for law abiding citizens while strengthening the criminal element. Jerry Brown is the most dangerous governor in U.S. history. He and his ‘demoncrat’ bedfellows live in some make believe world where they think that laws like this will save lives. They won’t…they will only weaken an already weakened law abiding gun owners’ rights and leave law abiding citizens easy prey for criminals.

Until Next Time,

Roy A. Teel Jr.


Terrorism and the Reality of the Splinter/Sleeper Cell Terrorists Who Don't Work Alone; and the Fiction of the American Dream

After completing book 17 in my 30-novel Iron Eagle Series, I have learned a great deal about terrorism – both foreign and domestic. I dealt with this subject matter head on in books three and four, Rome Is Burning and Operation Red Alert. While the stories are fiction, these novels show how terrorists really operate as well as what terrorism is really about.


The Truth About Terrorist Networks –

These people never work alone. They have mainstream supporters as well as those lurking in the deep web (TOR). I wrote about this more in depth in book nine, Rampage, which released this month. One need only read a news article or watch television to see the inspiration for these homegrown terrorists. The media is constantly hyping their acts of terrorism. Obama and the rest of the bleeding hearts get outraged every time one of these acts takes place. Then the federal government gets all riled up and talks of taking away guns from law abiding citizens and abolishing our second amendment rights.


What’s Really Happening Here –

First, violence breeds violence, as does hatred and intolerance. Killers get their 15 minutes of fame (granted, they’re usually dead), but they’re not the media’s target audience. It’s sad to say, but the real audience includes people or groups looking (and plotting) to outdo the last mass killing. This also accomplishes the direct goal of terrorism: to create a sense of terror within a target community.

The media stokes the fire of hatred and anger. Couple that with a weak president, a dysfunctional government, and a nation too busy posting selfies while one community mourns – and the wheels on the bus go round and round as the obliviously self-absorbed fail to recognize the danger going on right around them: a nation breeding hatred and terrorism that no one is going to stop.


It’s Time to Tune in for Real –

It’s easy to feign outrage and condemn barbaric acts while posting a photo of your lunch or sharing what your favorite celebrity is doing in the world of make believe. It’s easy to feign outrage against the machine, calling for or against gun control. It’s easy to cry out that we should abolish or amend the second amendment while scrolling through posts on social media. After all, it’s a safe haven. None of that is really going to happen, right?

While we passively and peacefully check our social status on the litany of social media platforms, the next mass killing is being plotted and planned. Soon, we’ll once again be outraged – for 15 minutes – but that anger will never lead to any type of resolution.


Is There a Way to Stop the Violence?

Man is at his core an animal. A mystic-loving creature who believes in God(s), rituals, and absolutes that in many cases lead to these types of situations. Can these events be stopped? Yes… but only through the use of logic, tolerance, education, and the necessary removal of one’s head from bibles and religious dogmas, so we can see each other for what we are – human beings with individual thoughts, feelings, and emotions with the right to live our lives the way we choose.

It sounds like wishful thinking, doesn’t it? Maybe that’s because it is.

Roy A. Teel Jr., author of the 30-novel Los Angeles based Iron Eagle suspense, thriller, crime series.

Read the Reuters Article here.

Book Expo America

The Iron Eagle Series will be exhibited at Book Expo America May 11-13th in Booth B469. We will have the first thirteen titles in the thirty novel series on display in our booth as well as in the New Title Showcase at the entrance to the show.

For more information go to recently published an article named “What’s Wrong with Our Prescription Drug Trials”

Iron Eagle Series author, Roy A. Teel Jr. was quoted. Here’s an excerpt:

From unpublished research to financial influence, there are a number of ways clinical trials can be manipulated to get a new drug on the market.

For 12 years, Roy A. Teel Jr. was involved in human research trials at the University of California, Los Angeles, but he didn’t don a lab coat.

As a research subject with progressive multiple sclerosis, he was involved in five medical trials.

When his condition didn’t improve, he retired on disability in 2011. The whole ordeal left a sour taste in his mouth.

Read the full article at

Long and Short Reviews

Hello to all of my readers, for the second month in a row Long and Short Reviews has nominated a book in The Iron Eagle Series for book of the month. This month it is Book Two “Evil and the Details” votes will be accepted on October 1st and 2nd and then the winner will be announced. I am both honored to be nominated again and ask for your vote to make book two the winner for September. Please follow the link to Long and Short Reviews and cast your vote for book two I the Iron Eagle Series.

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I am a member of the Authors Guild and an indie published author, which means I don’t have an agent, a giant publisher, or a cushy advance and royalty agreement. There is a crisis in the publishing industry, and Amazon is a big part of that; however, well-established (i.e. wealthy) authors writing letters to the DOJ whining about having their profits hit by book pricing at → Read more

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