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Iron Eagle Series – Book Twenty-Eight

by Roy A Teel Jr.

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There is no way this is happening!

Back Cover:

For Markus Levin, artificial intelligence isn’t just an interest; it’s a calling. As a child prodigy and now respected computer engineer and tenured professor at one of the world’s most reputable universities, Caltech, he was on the cutting edge of android development. Teo, his first prototype android, not only looked human, but assisted the elderly widow of one of his angel investors in her home. Thelma Brooks seemed relatively healthy but in the early stages of Alzheimer’s when she passed away suddenly while under Teo’s care. But as Jim O’Brian and John Swenson soon discover, her death was hastened by Levin’s android, and what seems on the face to be mere science fiction turns out to be science fact with a shocking twist.

From the inside flap:

Los Angeles Medical Examiner Doctor Jade Morgan had a close relationship with her uncle Wilbur before his passing but was no fan of his widow. The feelings were mutual on Thelma’s side, and she spent her days being assisted by an experimental android named Teo. As one of six units assisting the elderly and disabled in Los Angeles homes, Teo’s presence allowed Thelma to live comfortably until she died suddenly from seemingly natural causes. Upon deeper inspection, revealing videos of unusual behavior surface, and John Swenson and Jim O’Brian begin to unravel a development in artificial intelligence that will change the course of history, and not necessarily for the better.

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