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Iron Eagle Series – Book Ten

by Roy A Teel Jr.

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I warned you this would happen. The LA gangs are back – reorganized, more powerful, and deadlier than ever.

Back Cover:

On the helipad of the tallest building in Los Angeles, a meeting is taking place between business leaders and lawyers fronting the new gangs of LA – but there is nothing legitimate about any of them. They are the kingpins of the newly organized gangs, and their business and legal tactics are providing more power and influence since their near extinction in the great fires. FBI Profiler John Swenson, aka the Iron Eagle, and Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim O’Brian must unravel the mystery and brutality behind the gangs and stop a new killer who has taken it upon himself to clean up the streets in an organized and brutally meticulous way.

From the inside flap:

Alice Morrison was a happy, healthy ten-year old with an appetite for all things music and a love of ice cream. She had just completed her first recital as first chair at her elementary school, and her mother, Ester, and father, LAPD homicide detective Reed Morrison, had taken her out to celebrate. Their joy turns to tragedy when Alice is mortally wounded in a botched drive-by shooting.

The gangs of LA have taken yet another life. Jim O’Brian and John Swenson are called in by other members of Reed’s LAPD family to both catch the killers and calm him down. Swenson knows that coming face to face with the killers will most likely leave Reed and Ester dead, so the Iron Eagle must step in and decide whether the killings can be stopped through his normal means or if even deeper, darker measures must be taken to rid the city of this new plague.

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