Death’s Valley – Hardcover


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Iron Eagle Series – Book Seven

by Roy A Teel Jr.

We have a killer, gentlemen, and that killer has just declared war on the LAPD.

The head of Internal Affairs for the LAPD is found brutally and publicly murdered. The suspected killer, a fired LAPD officer is in jail but the killings continue. A list of high ranking LAPD commanders are targeted for execution for corruption, no one can be trusted.The Iron Eagle steps in to take down a killer.

Every police department has its issues, and the Los Angeles Police Department is no exception. But after Officer Cantrell is terminated by Internal Affairs despite evidence of departmental wrongdoing, the head of the IA is brutally, and very publicly, murdered. LA County Sheriff Jim O’Brian and FBI Special Agents Steve Hoffman and John Swenson are called to investigate the killing and find an ominous clue at the crime scene – a promise that this is just the first of many police officers slated for murder for what the killer says are their own corrupt crimes.

From the inside flap:

Internal Affairs has fired LAPD Officer Garrison Cantrell, and less than a day later, Mary Schultz, head of IA, is murdered. Throughout the department, Cantrell is known as an overall rat, and all fingers point to him as the killer. He’s quickly arrested with no evidence to support his guilt and is now the prime suspect. However, as Cantrell sits in jail, several fellow officers are murdered, in order, according to a hit list found at one of the crime scenes. One after another, the cop killings become more brazen and brutal than the one before, and Sheriff Jim O’Brian and FBI Special Agents Steve Hoffman and John Swenson must catch the killer before the last name is crossed off. As they delve into the investigation, the corruption and motivation for the killings becomes blatantly clear. Ultimately, it will be the Iron Eagle who puts an end to the murders while delivering his own justice to those who have committed heinous crimes while wearing a badge.

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