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Iron Eagle Series – Book Six

by Roy A Teel Jr.

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Four bodies in under a month and no sign of foul play — what the hell’s going on in Devil’s Chair?

Lately, bodies have been found in a remote area known as Devil’s Chair. The nude victims appear uninjured and died due to “exposure,” not foul play. Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim O’Brian and FBI Profilers Special Agent Steve Hoffman and John Swenson aren’t buying it, and their search to discover why young, healthy adults are winding up dead in the hills reveals an unimaginable horror.

From the back cover:

In the past two months, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim O’Brian along with FBI Profilers Special Agent Steve Hoffman and John Swenson have been called out to Devil’s Chair in the Los Angeles County Mountains where multiple bodies were found in the remote location. There are no signs of foul play, all of the victims were nude and uninjured, with the exception of post-mortem trauma caused by wild animals, and all victims died due to “exposure” — but none of these men believe this is the whole story. O’Brian, Hoffman, and Swenson need to find out why young, healthy adults are winding up dead in the hills of Devil’s Chair and Devil’s Punchbowl, and the answer is one that no one could have foreseen.

From the inside flap:

Rollins Industries is one of the nation’s largest distributors of organic food products, but Adam Osborn, a highly successful sales manager and the head of their sales department, has disappeared. Amelia Farrell, the head of human resources and Osborn’s love interest, has just terminated Gaston Reed, a senior salesman with a less than stable personality, after he made threats against Osborn and others in the company. What begins as a routine missing persons report quickly turns into anything but as LA County Sheriff Jim O’Brian and FBI Special Agents John Swenson and Steve Hoffman are drawn into the investigation when the Osborn investigation reveals that he was brutally murdered. Reed tops everyone’s list as the prime suspect; however, a deeper mystery begins to unfold as bodies pile up, and an unseen force is suspected of pulling the strings. Just when the men think they are closing in on the killer, a stunning development sends them careening into an unforgiving world of cruelty and torture — a world so depraved that only the Iron Eagle dare tread.

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