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Iron Eagle Series – Book Thirty

by Roy A Teel Jr.

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Everyone has a dark side, but this drug brings a whole new meaning to Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Back Cover:

Doctor Anthony Stone had a fondness for risky behavior, especially when it came to beautiful women. On more than one occasion, his partner, Doctor Andrea Hart, was tasked with handling his transplant patients when his sexual habits interfered with his work. Finding his severed hand in a shoe box on the hood of her car, however, was a game changer. Ligature marks on the wrist left investigators wondering how a respected surgeon could be mutilated so savagely. Hart and law enforcement have one bigger concern as well. Where is the rest of Doctor Stone?

From the inside flap:

While examining Doctor Stone’s severed hand, Jade Morgan is reminded of a crime scene from the past. Bodies found buried behind the now defunct Alton Laboratories were similarly mutilated in a case solved by the Iron Eagle. Morgan’s suspicions draw attention to two women, now partners in a research venture that was once a part of Alton Labs. Doctors Teresa Rousch and Gabby Fisher, herself a survivor of a heinous attack in conjunction with Alton’s experiments, deny involvement in Doctor Stone’s mutilation. The experimental drug they’re testing, however, is turning peaceful test subjects into monsters, sometimes with deadly results. While the FBI and Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department continue to search for Doctor Stone, the Iron Eagle begins tracking a killer with a dual personality and a penchant for mutilation and murder.

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