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Iron Eagle Series – Book Fifteen

A hardcover book signed by the author and personalized.

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by Roy A Teel Jr.

Why am I doing this to you? Well… I’m a bad person, and I like trains.

Back Cover:

In a city known for gridlock and sigalerts, Los Angeles commuters rely on its Metrolink trains at all hours, day or night. But when the trains arrive at the station splashed with the bloody remains of murder victims, FBI Special Agent John Swenson is tasked with finding the killer. What at first seems random and meaningless ultimately reveals a potential IRS field office connection along with a puzzle of body parts and taunting crime scene notes. Swenson and Mantel enlist the help of Sheriff Jim O’Brian and Sheriff-Elect Samantha Pritchard in the search to prevent yet another death on the rails. While all try to reason the killer’s rationale, the Iron Eagle’s intuition and insight may be their only hope.

From the inside flap:

Rose Gerrard’s splattered remains have been discovered on the tracks of the Pasadena Metrolink route. She was a fun-loving young woman attending Pasadena City College and working on her degree in accounting. For Rick Gerrard, her father and the head of criminal investigations for the Los Angeles field office of the IRS, the torturous murder of his only child comes on the heels of his wife’s death due to cancer. When Gerrard suspects one of several locals who he audited and prosecuted for tax evasion may be responsible, his personal crusade to draw out the killer starts a chain reaction of murder and mayhem that sets a city on tilt and could send him on a one-way trip into the arms of the Iron Eagle.

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