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Iron Eagle Series – Book Twenty-One

by Roy A Teel Jr.

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Back Cover:

When Marvin Sid and his partner Ben Carter are killed on PCH in the early morning hours, authorities initially believe it might be a case of road rage. Others believe the two off-duty CHP officers were targeted due to their position in law enforcement. But when Carter’s brother suffers a brutal attack just days after Ben’s death, including the unauthorized harvesting of part of his liver, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and FBI are forced to unravel a string of sickening crimes against unwitting donors, which financially benefit a select private group of organ “middlemen.” What has always appeared to be a selfless giving act has become big business for those in the field of organ procurement – big business with a lethal, immoral edge.

From the inside flap:

On any given day, there is an extreme shortage of available organs needed for transplantation. But where needs exist, so do criminal enterprises. Other Peoples’ Organs Procurement Association privately monitors all resources to acquire organs for high-paying clients who don’t want to linger on the UNOS list. Now, a sudden rash of killings reveals that victims as diverse as prostitutes and police officers alike are being targeted for their organs…without their consent. Sheriff Samantha Pritchard and FBI Agent John Swenson must locate the killers who supply these organizations with human body parts before yet another unsuspecting person falls victim.

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