Phoenix – Signed Hardcover

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Phoenix – Book Twelve

A hardcover book signed by the author and personalized.

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by Roy A Teel Jr.

Buried alive – the damn victims have all been buried alive.

Back Cover:

The City of Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis known for its glitz and glamour, from Hollywood and the Sunset Strip to the high rise office buildings dotting its landscape. One of LA’s premiere law firms is being targeted by a killer who burns his victims alive while speaking to the law firm’s senior partner on the telephone. While the screams of the victims are unbearable, the reason for the killings is more baffling. Special Agent John Swenson and Sheriff Jim O’Brian are brought in to investigate the murders only to discover that it’s going to take the Iron Eagle to sort through the legal corruption the two men discover, all while trying to decide if they, or the Eagle, should save the last victims from the flames.

From the inside flap:

The Law Office of Cohen, Miller & Hyde is one of the oldest and most recognized law firms in Los Angeles. Howard Cohen, the firm’s founding partner, is the recipient of several phone calls from a killer with a grudge. Cohen can only listen helplessly as his senior partners are burned alive, pleading for mercy. The murders are personal, and Cohen recruits the Sheriff’s department as well as Special Agent John Swenson of the FBI to solve them. As the two men begin their investigation, a conspiracy of momentous proportions unfolds – one that encompasses not only prominent Los Angeles lawyers and law firms, but also the whole judiciary system, revealing corruption so deep that only the Iron Eagle dare expose it – leaving Swenson and O’Brian with an ethical dilemma: should they or the Iron Eagle stop the killings?

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