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Iron Eagle Series – Book Thirty-Four

by Roy A Teel Jr.

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An unthinkable combination of science, intelligence, and madness

Back Cover:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protects America from multiple illnesses, but the CDC also works with live and dead viruses, bacteria, fungi, and dangerous pathogens. While employed by the CDC, Dr. Daryl Hall is murdered before he can release information about a dangerous new virus to the public … or so the CDC thinks. Just hours before his death, Dr. Hall shared his findings and a sample of the virus with the CDC’s leading pathologist – samples that had also been shared with state and federal authorities by an unknown source prepared to unleash havoc upon the world.

As FBI researchers race to eliminate the doomsday virus, John Swenson and his closest team members are suddenly forced to face past atrocities in an unraveling future where even dear friends have become foes. An unthinkable combination of science, intelligence, and madness has Swenson, O’Brian, and those that they love scrambling for safety while facing their own mortality and administering justice, possibly for the very last time.

From the inside flap:

When a laboratory owner and cutting-edge researcher creates a super virus immune to all vaccines, John Swenson, aka the Iron Eagle, must find its creator while trying to stop a global catastrophe. Lifelong alliances are called into question as a singular betrayal threatens the lives of everyone close to him. As the investigations unfold, the Eagle prepares to pass the torch to a new Eagle or perish in the process.

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