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Iron Eagle Series – Book Thirty-Two

by Roy A Teel Jr.

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Just when I thought I had seen everything some nutjob starts killing people in the name of the Iron Eagle.

Back Cover:

Hollywood has a way of making up its own reality, especially when facts are scarce. After his novel, The Iron Eagle Unmasked, becomes a bestseller, author Donald McMann begins preparations to bring his creation to the big screen. But just as casting gets underway, the Iron Eagle seems to undergo a transformation with a religious slant. As John Swenson and Jim O’Brian investigate the crucifixion of a young man for the purposes of “saving his soul,” they discover not just a copycat killer claiming to be the Eagle, but also a second pretender on a 30-year killing spree who’s hiding in plain sight.

From the inside flap:

Since the death of Jade Morgan’s aunt, she and her wife Jessica had been living in the estate Jade inherited from her late uncle. Neither woman knew many people in the neighborhood filled with million-dollar homes except for the next door neighbor who’d been there since Jade’s childhood. Unbeknownst to Jade, her aunt and uncle had more than a casual relationship with their neighbors. They also shared a secret – a dark secret – that, when revealed, would change not only her life, but the lives of those who crossed paths with the peculiar occupant.

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