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Iron Eagle Series – Book Sixteen

by Roy A Teel Jr.

Who The Hell is Reaper?

Back Cover:

The murder of federal witness Alexander Felton, known as “Felt,” would not be news if it weren’t for the fact that his body was discovered in his prison cell at the Los Angeles State Prison where federal authorities were trying to hide him. Felton was a bad guy in his own right, but he ended up the target of a notorious hitman known only as Reaper. FBI Special Agents John Swenson and Chris Mantel are called in to investigate the killing, and while on-scene in a secure state prison sorting through Felton’s murder, Reaper strikes again right under their noses. The race is on to stop this professional hitman that no one has ever seen as he methodically assassinates key witnesses in a high profile federal case and who also has the Iron Eagle in his sights.

From the inside flap:

The Los Angeles U.S. Attorney’s Office has been attempting to prosecute notorious Mexican drug lord and kingpin Marco Espranza for over a decade. Assistant U.S. Attorney Stewart Feldman tried unsuccessfully to convict him, only to have juries tampered with, witnesses disappear, and threats made on his life. His lack of success and appointment to U.S. Attorney for Los Angeles have forced him to turn the case over to his second-in-command Candice Polk.
Polk is trying Espranza for the fifth time and feels she has the case to get a conviction. But threats turn to reality when Feldman and his wife are gunned down at a Santa Monica restaurant by a professional hitman known only as Reaper. The murders quickly spin the city and government out of control, and it’s up to the Iron Eagle to find Reaper before he completes his list of kills, including the Eagle himself.

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