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Iron Eagle Series – Book Eighteen

by Roy A Teel Jr.

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I knew that reporter couldn’t be trusted. Now that murdering animal is going to get his fifteen minutes of fame.

Back Cover:

On a quiet Rancho Palos Verdes beach, two young friends frolic in the water unaware they’re being filmed by an unknown voyeur with cruel intentions. The next morning, their mutilated bodies are found by the executive producer of a local Los Angeles television show. Since the female victim is the granddaughter of a prominent Federal Appellate Court Judge, the FBI and Sheriff’s Department must work together to catch a killer with a penchant for depravity and capturing it on film.

From the inside flap:

Jolene Pastor and Eric Hanson, longtime friends and friends with benefits, are violently murdered on a quiet beach, which makes their heinous murders worthy of front page news. But since Pastor is Federal Appellate Court Judge Larry Robinson’s granddaughter, even the press is staying away. Their killer has filmed their every move as well as his own, creating a video that makes regular horror movies look tame. When FBI Special Agent John Swenson begins investigating, the body count continues to grow, but the murders have only one thing in common: video proof that the Selfie killer enjoys indiscriminately torturing, raping, and murdering men and women for the sheer pleasure of the power it gives him.

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