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Iron Eagle Series – Book Thirty-Three

by Roy A Teel Jr.

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The Devil is in the Details.

Back Cover:

Every political campaign has its drama, and the California Gubernatorial race is no different. As Tracy Olson gains ground on incumbent William Martin, though, the sudden suicide of her high-profile campaign manager rocks her team to the core. The death, however, is quickly ruled a homicide, and the ensuing investigation leads to a host of criminals with connections to Silicon Valley and a series of unsolved cases dating back years. What Assistant FBI Director John Swenson and Sheriff Jim O’Brian uncover requires a full team effort to solve yet leaves the Iron Eagle questioning if any amount of justice befitting the crimes can truly be exacted.

From the inside flap:

Tracy Olson is an up-and-coming political personality in California. While her politics are attractive to voters, she’s seen as a threat to the inner workings of state government. Just as her campaign starts to heat up, her very powerful and popular campaign manager, Terry Malcom, suddenly commits suicide. When her body is discovered by staffers, police call in Jade Morgan and Jessica Holmes from the coroner’s office. What looks on the surface like a suicide turns out to be anything but.

When the actual cause of death turns out to be murder, it raises suspicion about the mysterious deaths of several other political figures in California. A diabolical group of power players is working with a hitman and ridding themselves of their adversaries, sending the Eagle down the rabbit hole of both political and psychological warfare that threatens the very fabric of our republic.

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